"Religious communities are, without question, the largest and best organized civil institutions in the world today, claiming the allegiance of billions of believers and bridging the divides of race, class and nationality.  They are uniquely equipped to meet the challenges of our time; resolving conflicts, caring for the earth, the sick, the needy, and promoting peaceful co-existence among all people."       - Religions of Peace


The organizers of the Cincinnati Festival of Faiths envision the Festival as a launching pad for an expanded, energized and united faith community that will address the challenges of our community.  Imagine it, representatives of a dozen world religions working hand in hand as never before to advance the cause of "compassion through action." To that end, we are urging interfaith groupings to perform community engagement services before and after the June 24th Festival of Faiths.  We have two (2) projects that are now ready for volunteer involvement:


        * Safe and Healthy Ohio Campaign: Canvassing for Ohio criminal justice reform (on November ballot) --- seeking volunteers to gather petition signatures; an initiative being led locally by the AMOS Project.  Those interested individuals and groups should contact Elizabeth Hopkins of the AMOS Project at


        * Habitat for Humanity interfaith builds --- seeking individuals and groups to participate in half-day or full-day Habitat builds.  Those interested should contact Maria Santiago of Habitat at

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