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          2021.9.24--26 September, Zhanjiang Xinnuo Beverage Equipment Co. , Ltd. participated in the “Guangdong 21st century sea route of Silk Road World's Fair” organized by the base workstation of the Zhanjiang Chamber of Commerce for import and export, show our products. This exhibition, our fully automatic intelligent coffee machine products through the“Exhibition + Internet”, “Online global live”, “Global buyers online watch exhibition online precise procurement docking”, “Exhibition site precise procurement docking”, “Exhibition exhibits electronic magazine global precise push” and other service means, to further enhance the global impact of our products for our company to deal with global trade and seize overseas orders opened up channels.

    展覽介紹(Exhibition introduction):

           廣東21世紀海上絲綢之路國際博覽會  Guangdong 21Century Maritime Silk Road International Expo(以下簡稱"海絲博覽會")創辦于2014年,旨在打造落實 "一帶一路"倡議的精品工程,樹立"做生意、談合作,到廣東"的國際形象。經過數年的培育壯大,海絲博覽會逐步發展成為在"一帶一路"沿線國家和地區具有較強影響力的展會平臺,國際化、品牌化、專業化、市場化發展步伐加快,國際"朋友圈"和影響力日益擴大。2019年起,海絲博覽會從廣東省東莞市移至廣東省廣州市舉辦。

           Guangdong 21 Century Maritime Silk Road International Expo Founded in 2014, Heath Expo aims to create a high-quality project that implements the "Belt and Road" initiative and establish an international image of "Doing business, talking about cooperation, and going to Guangdong". After several years of development, the Heath Fair has gradually developed into an exhibition platform with strong influence in the countries and regions along the "Belt and Road", internationalization, branding, specialization, the pace of market-oriented development, international"Circle of friends" and growing influence. Starting from 2019, Hess Expo moved from Dongguan City, Guangdong province to Guangzhou City, Guangdong province to hold.